Monday, March 5, 2012

The View From Here

You have to look closely, but Robert is actually up in this tree.  It's a good thing I wasn't at the property when he was up there because I would have done that mom thing and freaked out.  

Here's the view from where he was:

That is Joe down there in the white shorts.

I know that kids have to be kids and I am thrilled for them to have the space to do it in but I still get that pit in my stomach whenever I look at these pictures.  The thought crossed my mind to inquire into some sort of protective gear if they are going to continue climbing the trees.  I know that would go over really well!!  But you can't blame me for caring... and not wanting to end up in the emergency room with a mangled child.  Enough on that line of thought since it is stressing me out.

Generally, the view over at Golden Gate has not changed drastically over the last 5 weeks.  I promise that one of these times you will get to see pictures of more than just dirt and trees and more dirt.....

Oh, well, here's a picture of dirt with Jim in it!  Showing that they have been moving the dirt piles to build up the foundation since the lot slopes from front to back.  It has taken THREE WEEKS to get this done. They are at least 24 days late getting the foundation started.  Construction hours allowed by the city are 7 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday.  It has become clear that those are not our builders' hours!!  If you suspect a bit of frustration in my tone you would be correct.  

Surprising as it may be, the CITY actually did their project of cleaning out the creek bed in a timely manner!  The (suspected beaver) dam is gone and now the water can freely flow through our bend of the creek if it so chooses.  Some rain would help it but would also slow the snail-like pace of the building site, so I'm not asking for rain right now.  The turtles are still at home along with regular visits from a great blue heron and a flock of geese.  

The other project that has been completed is the thinning and clean out of the trees on the opposite side of the creek.  This time done with a tree permit and the city's blessing...until the neighbor behind these trees called the police.  Rather than fight another battle, we decided to leave the back part more natural and so they don't have to see us and we don't have to see them:

The plan is to put a bridge across the creek at some point in our landscaping so that we can go over there without having to wade through the mud and/or water.  It is a nice little piece of land.  (We hope the neighbors won't call the police on us when we're over there.)  You can see how the grass is greening up nicely as it has been so warm here lately.  At least SPRING is on schedule, if not a little early!  (hint, hint.)

Here's hoping it won't be another 5 weeks before I have some actual building progress to report.