Monday, May 14, 2012

Rain or Shine

For all the weeks that the property sat quietly... the crew that is working now is making up for lost time with lightning speed!  Hooray!  Last week they almost completely framed the first floor.   

Here's how it looked on Saturday.  (As I said before, unless you know the layout of the house, some of these pictures aren't going to look like much but I will do my best to explain them.)

Here's the view from the "standard spot"  Notice the mud?  This crew even worked in the rain.

This is how much rain we got...  Thankfully, they somehow siphoned all this water out
of the storage room by Sunday night.

This is the view from the front door to the back of the house

Robert heading up the temporary stairs, these would be to your left from the front door.

The view from upstairs

Master bedroom windows

View of the back--master bedroom on right, family room where Jim is standing,
kitchen and dining to the left.

This one shows the entire front

Robert cannot wait for the house to be done.  He has been in on the process from the very 
beginning--pouring over the house plans, giving his input and coming over to check things out 
as often as he can.  Future builder?

I took these pictures on Saturday evening, so when we went over on Sunday evening I figured I didn't need my camera.  Wrong!  I can hardly keep up with how fast the framing guys are working.  I hope their paychecks are nice and fat. They deserve it!

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