Sunday, June 24, 2012


The sale of our home!!  Closing date July 2, 2012, And other great news...

What does that mean in terms of the new house?  Well, to be exact... one upcoming week of TOTAL CHAOS, followed by (hopefully) 3 months of relative simplicity living in a furnished rental house (see below), where I can focus on our daughter's wedding (see below) and getting the house on Golden Gate finished up.  If I can survive the next week... including packers coming on Wednesday when I was planning on them Thursday, I think I can survive anything.  Rather than being here at the computer I should probably be doing something to get ready for the move but I'm in a state of inertia right now... where I have written all of my lists and checklists (including ones for the boys... but they don't know it yet, haha) and I'm just waiting for the alarm to go off in the morning at 5 am so I can take this week on.  (okay, it's really an extreme case of denial.)

The actual progress at the house is coming along nicely, although the pictures of it are fairly boring.  I guess that's a warning to any who don't want to see pictures of ductwork and wiring.  As I've said before... I'm just trying to document all the progress so that someday we can look back on it and remember how it all came together--pipes, wires and all.

So, here it goes:

View from "the spot:" roof almost finished and windows in!

One of our first major "OH NO" moments came when we found that the architect had actually called out on the plans for many of the windows to be fixed rather than opening. How did we miss that in the months and months of designing? We are still asking ourselves that question.  Not that you have your windows open that much in Texas since it is usually too hot... but still.  We do have a few that open and a few that are supposed to open and don't... and they will have to be replaced.  

Wiring in the garage.  Talk about a puzzle.  The guys crawl all over the place stringing the wires.  They are very patient when we need to make changes.  At least they are patient to our faces...

Ductwork and sprinkler system (required by city code.)

Family room fireplace chimney finished!
Herringbone pattern

Grandad... and Grandma... THIS IS YOUR ROOM.  Please make plans to come soon after it is finished!  It will need some company.  

Media wiring

The front door is in! 

We think they finally have the brick selection right.  It's the one in the middle.  

Here's the great little rental that I found.  Michelle was hunting for places to stay on their honeymoon and I found this place on the vacation website.  This will be our home for the next three or so months... that's probably being optimistic... it will probably be four.  But it is immensely more livable than the little house on the property would have been... it's really a good thing that that house is gone.  Hello, Grapevine!

Joe asked what we are going to do if it hails.... I told him we would drive to the mall as quick as we could and park in the parking garage.  Let's pray for no hail!

The move is challenging, the house building is exciting, but the most important event of the summer:  Michelle and Miles are getting married July 20, 2012.  We are so happy for our wonderful daughter and this great young man!  All of the other events pale in comparison to this!

Happy Summer!

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