Sunday, August 19, 2012

considering self defense

Jim really likes guns.  When he turned 40, I "let" him get a handgun and even went to pick it out with him.  It's a really big one--and it scares me to death.  A couple of years ago, he took a conceal and carry course and bought a smaller gun, which he now keeps in his glove compartment.  And, on occasion, he carries it around the property with him.  You know, for self-defense from attacking coyotes... or alien invaders.  I usually just tease him about it a little.  I have even overheard him say that I should carry a gun... you know, for when I am out at the barn by myself.  I always laugh that one off, too.

So, yesterday we were checking out the creek after having heavy rain a day or two prior.  And what should we see?  

Yes, that is a SNAKE.  Of course, the one day that no one (Jim) is packing, we see an enemy.  "You could have used your gun!"  I said.  He said, "No, it is illegal to discharge a gun within city limits unless it is self-defense."  To which I said, "Well it could have come after us!"  To which he laughed.  I don't think I'll be getting a gun.  If you have to wait for the snake to come after you to shoot it, what is the point?  I will just be running away as fast as I can, thanks.  After doing a little research, I found that this snake is probably a "blotched water snake" and is not poisonous, although "they can defend themselves by delivering a series of rapid bites while smearing feces and musk onto anyone attempting to capture them."  I would venture to say that none of us will be attempting to capture them.  Gross.

And nearby, we found another specimen to demonstrate grossness:


Ah, a banana spider.  Brings back such lovely memories of when I had one crawling up the front of my shirt and, rather than help me get it off before it got on my bare skin, my chivalrous son Robert whipped out his phone to snap a picture of me jumping up and down and screaming.  (And later informing me that he had never heard me scream before.)  This specimen was about 3 inches across.  Robert kept trying to get me to get closer to it... "move the grass so I can get a better picture of it..."  Yeah, right.  I think he just wanted to see me scream again.

Progress on the house since I last wrote:

The garage doors were installed

All the pre-cast concrete pieces are laid out in the front yard.  It must be like putting a puzzle together.

Some of the front windows are done.  This is Joe's room upstairs and the guest room downstairs.

This is attic space upstairs and the master closet downstairs.

Here's the view from "the spot" taken on Friday.  It seems like it has looked like this for weeks...

Here's the progress on the inside:

All the walls are ready for paint.  Sub-flooring on first floor:  ready for wood floors to be installed!  Looking from back stairway next to laundry room toward guest bedroom.

Looking from kitchen into great room.

Wood flooring being installed in upstairs hallway.

The first fully installed wood floor--lucky Robert!
Wood flooring being installed on upstairs bridge.
Oops.... water damage in Robert's room from the recent rain.  The roof, ceiling and drywall will have to be repaired.  

So, now that the wedding excitement is over I've been feeling a little numb.  We had a great time with Michelle and Miles and Jim's parents, sister Linda and husband Bill and two of their boys, Alex and Nick. 

Here's the whole group at Michelle and Miles' Texas reception

It was hard to see the kids leave... 

And now it's time to get busy on the house again.  I have plenty to do with the final selections we have to make as well as coordinating all of the decorating.  Not my strong suit but looking forward to using some colors that we love this time.  Here is one thing that we worked on this weekend:  

The tile design in the master shower. 

This week they should be able to get all the wood floors laid and hopefully all the tile, too.  I think then it will really start taking shape as "our" house.  We meet with the pool company on Tuesday--we'll get the outline of the pool set and hopefully they'll start digging.  With any luck, having heavy equipment back on the property will send the varmints packing... so we don't have to be.  (a little gun humor.)  Going to bed now.

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