Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barn Demolition: Leaving it to the experts

I decided that our builder wanted WAY TOO MUCH money to take down the barns on the property, so I took matters into my own hands.  No, I didn't pick up a sledge hammer... but I did get on Craigslist and found a local demolition company that is doing it for about $3000 less!  They started on Thursday and here is their progress:
All this junk and more came out of that little barn.

Here's one of the workers... I don't know how they stand the heat, but they do.

What was supposed to be a two-day job is now taking about four.  Jim found quite a few things to add on to their "to do" list, like taking down the barbed wire fence, pulling up two or three small concrete pads, hauling away all the hazardous materials the previous tenants left, etc etc.

As of Saturday night....
The red barn used to be here!

I found a few treasures amidst all the trash.  I hoped to find them good homes but Mr. Clean (also known as Jim) doesn't quite see their intrinsic worth.  "Dear, wouldn't that be the cutest chair to fix up..."  "NO," and so I hope our good workers will take them rather than just trash them.  (I think they will.)

The next thing to come down is the white metal shed.  Here's how it looks now:

The next thing on the list for this week is getting all the trees trimmed and trying to actually find the property line.  We attempted to hike through the forest to find the boundaries and one of us got poison something-or-other in the process.  The other project is getting the outside doors on the little old house replaced so that anyone off the street can't walk right in and make themselves comfortable.  Not that they would want to. 

Oh, and the builder's bid came in.  No comment.

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