Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Little Old House: A real piece of work

This dear old house was built the same year that Jim was born and is two years older than the house I grew up in.  From the outside it is very cute! (if you don't look too closely.) 

I'll never forget the look on Jim's face when I suggested we live in it if our current house sells before the new one is built.  He really was speechless.  Now he has warmed to the idea.  Well, no that's not quite accurate (that would be the Texas blistering heat we have been experiencing.)  We have resigned ourselves to the idea of living in it should it become necessary.

At one point, we thought we might renovate it and use it as a guest house.  Our builder quickly helped us see the dollar signs that would be required since pretty much everything in the entire house would have to be replaced.  Starting with the roof, which happens to be uninsurable.  Yes, those color variations are buckles in the roof.  The areas that had daylight showing through had to be repaired as part of our purchasing contract, but the whole thing needs to be replaced.  Not a project we plan to do, thank goodness.  As long as the house stands around us until the other one is built then we're great!  And the longer it takes our current house to sell, the less time we get (have) to spend in the Little Old House.  So, as you might imagine, we want our house to sell.... but we are not crying in a bucket that it hasn't, yet.

Here's a tour of the Little Old House:

Kitchen.  I'm pretty sure it's the same cabinet hardware
I had in the kitchen I grew up with.  No dishwasher. 
Good thing my kids know how to wash dishes by hand. HAHA.

Bar area, opposite fireplace shown below. 
Love the padded countertops for when we're
serving up the lemonade :-)

Front room.  Lovely green carpet.  Not.

Living room.  I happen to really like this (one) room!  I
especially like the light fixtures.  The stinky curtains will
have to go.

All three bedrooms are basically the same except one has no
closet.  They all have carpet and curtains that will be replaced
if we have to move in.  (cigarette smoke....eww.)

Half bath.  Yes, this house does have character! 
 If you come visit you can use the purple toilet
with a padded seat!  

So, if we need a 4th bedroom... the back porch is finished off.
We'll have to remove the dog door.  Susie doesn't know how
to use it anyway!

Laundry room.  I'll need my sunglasses when I
do the laundry...check out the plumbing...
and see picture below

Soon after we bought the property, we noticed this lovely
patch of green grass in the back yard.  Unusual since
every other blade of grass in the yard is DEAD.  We thought
something must be leaking.  Well, yes, but ON PURPOSE!! 
This is where the laundry room sink drains! 
 I'm telling you...  CHARACTER!

So, there's your tour of the Little Old House. 
A Palazzo Family Adventure
just waiting to happen! 

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