Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Giants: Trimming the trees

Front yard tree, untrimmed
One of the things that we love most about this property are the beautiful oak trees.  There are about 20 giant trees that are 4 to 5 feet in diameter and as much as 50 feet tall.  They have gone many years without any TLC and so getting them trimmed up and happy is a huge job.

The trees are home to at least two hawks that we regularly see flying over the property and.... they are also home to thick vines of poison ivy which has made trimming a real joy for the crew.
TALL!  Jim is 6'3" so this tree is at least 40'.

South side tree, FULL of poison ivy... sorry tree guys!
This is the front tree stand that will make up most of the landscaping for
the future front yard.

In addition to the two hawks, we have seen other wildlife, too.  The other night we saw a giant turtle down at the creek.  He (or she) was about 18 inches across the shell and not too happy to see us.  He/she slipped into the water as soon as we made some noise.  Also, one evening we saw two raccoons sneaking around the back of the lot.  Robert made sure they knew THEY were trespassing.  They did not look too happy, either.

So, with all these trees and wildlife, you might think that our land is quite AGRICULTURAL.  Turns out we've received an education about the difference between zoning agricultural (which means you can't build on it until it is rezoned by the city) and agricultural exemption (which means you pay lower taxes to the county because you are using the land for agricultural purposes.)  To our dismay, we found out that we are agriculturally ZONED but not EXEMPT.  Which means two things:  1)  we have to rezone the property to build on it and 2)  a very hefty property tax bill when all the house is built.... unless... we can plant and cut our own hay or find some other agricultural use for the land around the house.  Turns out it will have to be more than just a home for tall oak trees, horses, hawks, turtles and raccoons. (and poison ivy.)

Coming soon:  The little old house.

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  1. I do love the trees. They even look better than I remember