Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day ONE: The real fun begins

Today is our first full day of ownership of our new property:  5 acres hidden in the middle of our town.  There is an old house, built in 1963, (same year as Jim) that stands empty... waiting for us to paint, carpet and CLEAN in case we have to move into it.  Our current house is on the market and if it sells we will be downsizing for a few months.  (And my kids will see firsthand the type of house I grew up in!)

Although Jim and I both grew up in towns, we both enjoy the outdoors and animals, and we in the past have said, "wouldn't it be fun to have a small farm?"  I'm not really sure if HE was serious or just agreeing with me to be agreeable, but I'm so excited I can hardly stand it because now we have it!  I hope it will be fun.  Some of our offspring (isn't that a good farm term?) are less excited about the project than others.  At least they can get to civilization in less than 5 minutes and they can get there on four wheels instead of two or four legs!

There is more work to do than I can wrap my mind around but we are working with a great designer and builder to help us develop the property into something we can live on for the rest of our lives.  I'm dreaming of someday grandkids' camps and family reunions.  The type of place everyone wants to come home to.  I've already informed Jim that this is REALLY the last move for us.

I'm a very amateur photographer, so don't expect too much there, but I do enjoy writing.  With this blog, I hope to provide a commentary for my family and friends about the adventure of building our dream home from the ground up!


  1. Carol, I will keep up with the progress while looking at your blog.

  2. also Carol, there are people who would like to buy the barn wood. At least here there are.